Outside the known plane of existence lie beings greater than anything imaginable. Their power infinite and their resources inexhaustible. These beings created the stars and the realms under their care. Fashioning pieces of each realm from large to small: the surface of the earth, to the voice of the people that inhabit the lands. Though with such power comes conflict and a desire for perfection.

Some Shapers drove hard for experimentation, alteration, and the pursuit of a perfect sanctuary of life. While others chose to observe and merely act when it suited their needs. This contrast drove a stake between them as they fractured into opposing fronts.

The Shapers were no longer needed to shape the world; the age of mortals was upon them.

The Hand
Exhor (X-or) – Shaper of Knowledge – Name of the Primary star of the Plane of Existence
Batta (Bah-tah) – Shaper of Dreams – Name of the Secondary star of the Plane of Existence
Nurta (Ner-tah) – Shaper of Air
Kaedor (K-door) – Shaper of Fire
Uleta (Oo-let-ah) – Shaper of Water
Valdor (V-al-door) – Shaper of Earth

Note: As beings they are genderless, however it is often considered that names that end in “or” are Male-like, and names that end in “ta” are Female.


History of the Creation of the Plane of Existence
History of The Hand – Shapers of the Plane
History of The Chamber and The Well – Divines and Shallows


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