Latest Ruler: King Armonde Evanstar (unknown to Present)
Primary House: Endritch Family

Haefield is a moderately sized city on the eastern edge of Evanstar’s influence in the plains region. Resting between the Fellspire mountains and the Thale Highlands it acts as a shield to the northeast mountains. Though a part of Evanstar’s expanse they are primarily ruled by the local Endritch family.

The Endritch family, lead by Lord Berter Endritch, believes in a division between the common and noble man. While the city itself is not walled the Noble district is surrounded by a medium height stone wall. Within lies the Endritch estate as well houses of other noble families. Insuring order in the area and the proper division of class is Berter’s brother, Captain Waltin Endritch, leader of the local guard.

Not a strict man, though he does not enjoy listening to the grievances of his older brother, Waltin tends to keep a keen watch on the local folk and traveler’s alike. He commands from a station in the Common district to help keep his allegiance to the people neutral. Though he makes no mystery his dislike of the higher class.

Divisions: Noble District, Common District, Outskirts, Cemetery
Places of Interest: The Scarlet Chalice (Noble), The Gypsy and the Mug (Common), The Hunting Fool (Outskirts)


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