Over time it was determined that the Shapers themselves hold too much power over the realm. Their power so great that they can change the course of all life in a blink. They decided they should recede from direct interaction and leave the realms in the hands of lesser beings.

Beyond the primary plane exist two groups of such beings. Not diametrically opposed they both work to influence the direction of the mortals. There are no hard alliances however often like-minded deities work toward common goals.

Their end goals are not known to mortals and in many cases may not exist.


The Divines, as mortals call them, are responsible for weaving the fate and destiny of the mortals that inhabit the primary plane. The influence extends to the creatures but not necessarily the world itself. The Divines are not Shapers they did not build the world and they do not have the ability to directly alter the world for their goals. They must guide the threads of the inhabitants of the primary plane to exert their influence. Outside of the primary plane the Divines influence differs.

These threads can be broken by mortals, but often not by pure choice. To do so would require incredible control and knowledge as well as pure force of will. It is more likely that something outside of the Divines control will break the thread.

The Chamber
Baela (Bay-lah) – Goddess of Order
Hamua (Hah-moo-ah) – God of Civilization
Erinal (Air-in-awl) – God of Protection
Kasdum (Kaz-doom) – God of Knowledge
Xasa (Zah-sah) – Goddess of Craft
Rielel (Rye-leh-l) – Goddess of War
Ingon (in-gone) – God of Travel
Galabrie (Gal-ah-bree) – Goddess of Magic

Note: The chamber of Divines is told to be ever changing. Not all are known, and not all grant their favor to mortals.


The other key group determining the fate of the creatures of the primary plane do not weave but instead tamper or alter existing threads. These beings are not often found building great tales. Instead they will break the threads the Divines weave resulting in a drastic change of fate for many involved. It is often done for some form of personal gain over the short or long term, or merely for amusement. For this reason these are known as the Shallows. Just as the Divines their influence differs outside of the primary plane.

By breaking the threads it does not necessarily drive influence in any particular direction. It leaves the inhabitants choice open or perhaps removes possibilities. It is also possible the original Divines outcome could occur, this is rare, as the Shallows often take great care in breaking only the most critical threads.

The Well
Zielyr (Zi-leer) – Lady of Coins
Dorimbor (Door-im-bore) – Lord of the Harvest
Rasha (Rah-shah) – Lady of Luck
Adran (Eh-d-ran) – Lord of Victory
Oros (Oar-oh-s) – Lord of Disasters
Nelasare (Neh-lah-say-r) – Lady of Illness
Findeley (Fin-deh-lay) – Lord of Secrets
Cassiel (Cas-seal) – Lady of Chaos

Note: The Well of Shallows is known to use false names in tales and involvement with mortals. It is unknown the true number of seats, or how often they change.


History of the Creation of the Plane of Existence
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History of The Chamber and The Well – Divines and Shallows


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