Adeptus Chronalus

An ancient order built upon the principals of preservation and discovery. Its origins unknown, some say it has existed as long as time itself. Set in a foothold in the mountains, its purpose: to catalog the history of the realm, mend wounds, topple civilizations, and aid men where gods have failed.

The Past

Little is known of the organization outside of the Age of Kings. While records date back date back a thousand years or more, there are known discrepancies in the data as well as complete sections missing. Many believe that the written histories are simply not designed to last an age. Others believe the Adeptus used different methods to record history before the latest conventions.

The current operating conventions of the Adeptus are maintained by the Magister Thiladir Voran, the eldest living member of the organization.

The Present

The present Adeptus Chronalus is run by a council, despite all members being treated as equal participants in the orders future. While no one man can give orders to another, there are those that believe a hierarchy should be a fixture. A social hierarchy exists that tends to favor the decisions of the council members, though there are many among the order that may be wiser or more resourceful.

The order is currently a couple hundred members strong, exact numbers exist but may not account for Agents or Couriers in the field or missing in action. The majority of the members are either Seers, Scribes, or Researchers, choosing not to leave the Great Hall or venture out into the dangerous parts of the world they see and write about.

The Roles

There are several key roles that members of the Adeptus fall into in their time with the order. No one role is forced upon anyone, and members are free to perform other tasks or multiple tasks as they see fit. There are only two restricted roles among the order and that is of the Magister and the Grand Seer.

Magister – The leader of the Adeptus Chronalus. Appointed by the previous Magister when he reaches his end of life, or through a council vote if the Magister passes suddenly. He/She is responsible for upholding the guiding principals of the order and insuring its longterm survival, most often times this involves passing down oral traditions and keeping a check on the general structure of the organization.

Grand Seer / Seer – Seer’s have an exception bond with the Chronosphere and have a heightened sense and ability to draw conclusions from the visions they perceive. In the world these visions are often perceived as a threat to the fate of the Chamber and the Well and are often shunned. This typically results in only a select number of individuals finding their way to the Adeptus and harnessing their power. The organizer of the Seers and one responsible for overseeing training and guidance against the chaos of the Chronosphere visions is called the Grand Seer.

Scribe – Scribe’s are responsible for cataloging information. They run the library, take notes, and write the tales the Seer’s tell them. There used to be a Grand Scribe responsible for maintaining the library and historical contexts, however there has not been one for hundred of years. It is unknown why this position was removed.

Researcher – These members perform experiments involving visions, the chaos of the Chronosphere, as well as scientific and magical implementations. They are the ones who create the tools and methodologies of the Adeptus.

Courier – Messengers of the world. These individuals do not often maintain a position with the Adeptus for great lengths of time as the job is both daunting and dangerous. Their responsibilities include travelling the world and communicating with civilizations and individuals that are in someway tied to a vision or thread of the Chronosphere that the Adeptus finds of great import. They are also responsible for delivering missives and information to Agents in the field. This group has dwindled over the years, as the number of adventuring members drops most have chosen to take up the mantle of Agents and the role of courier has fallen by the wayside.

Agents – The foothold of the Adeptus in the greater world. Without them there would be little to no evidence of their existence outside of the Great Hall. Agents are adventurer’s that perform field work: communication, research, acquisitions and assassinations. While the smallest group of the order they are considered by some members to be the only ones with true power to understand and guide the fate of the world.

The Council

Magister Thiladir Voran – A Male Elf of 417 years of age
Elres Stere Tanobrah – A Male Human of 70 years
Farin Deepborough – A Male Dwarf of 179 years
Exard Bon’Nadrin – A Male Human of 37 years
Omonder De’Molistra – A Male Human of 54 years
Nomni Stoneshatter – A Female Dwarf of 210 years
Deena Belia Gene – A Female Halfling of 40 years

Adeptus Chronalus

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