Varro is a hill dwarf, who stands around 4’ 5" and weighs around 200 lbs. He is considered tall for a dwarf and is quite lean and more lanky then other dwarves.

Varro is clean shaven and has a thick topknot of brown hair, which he keeps braided with a flail head attached to the end.


Varro was raised since infancy at a remote monastery located in the southeast of Vallonde. Some villagers returning home from the days hunt came across an abandoned caravan, that had been attacked by what appeared to be orcs. Upon searching the wreckage, no bodies were found however Varro was discovered hidden among the crates in one of the wagons. With no evidence as to where the occupants of the caravan went, or worse, were taken, the hunters returned to the village with Varro in tow.

The village council was convened to determine what to do about the new addition to the town. Very few people in the village had even met a dwarf before, let alone knew of where to find any towns in the area, so they were at a loss as to where to look for where to look for other dwarven caretakers.

A monk from the monastery located in the mountains was traveling through and offered the suggestion of taking the child back with him, the monks willing to accept responsibility for the boys well being. The council eventually accepted this option after much debate, as the monks have proved themselves to be fair and trustworthy over the years. And when it came down to it, no one else in town was willing to take in the orphaned dwarf.

Decades went by and Varro was trained in the Way of the Hand, honoring the Shapers and the balance they brought to the Chronosphere. He was an adept pupil and readily accepted the humble lifestyle of the monks. Around the age of 50, he decided to venture to the dwarven controlled lands with the hope of locating some clues to his origin and who his family may have been. As the monks were fond of saying, you cannot know where you are going, until you know from which you came. Unfortunately this proved to be much more difficult then he imagined.

Upon reaching dwarven lands, he was immediately met with disdain at his clean shaven face. Anyone that he was able to get to listen to his story, upon learning he was without a given dwarven name and therefore without a caste, almost immediately refused to help or even associate with him. Those he could get to listen were unable to provide him with any answers with the little information he had to work with.

Varro left dwarven lands, content with the knowledge that his life at the monastery was truly the Will of the Hand. As years passed, he spent most of his time at the monastery, with trips around the land here and there whenever wanderlust struck. Eventually all the human monks began to age, and Varro did what he could to make their transition to the next plane comfortable and peaceful. After the passing of the last monk, Varro decided that while the monastery will always be his home, his place now was as part of the world, trusting in the Hand to take him wherever he was meant to be.


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