Xannirk Cairn

Xannirk Cairn, Follower of Cassiel


Xannirk is an 18 year old Ranger, serving himself, and praying to Cassiel for guidance as she had provided his life with options out in the woods. Traveling between settlement to settlement, is searching, for what, and who, he does not know.

Maybe Adeptus Chronalus could assist him. He had heard tales, tales of heros, and tales of legends.


Xannirk Cairn raised by a cleric slave, within an extremely active orc camp. Xannirk was taught in a variety of weapons, but enjoyed tracking and hunting, over direct combat.

During a raid of a small village, seeing no resistance from the townsfolk the learder of the Orc tribe led all into an assured victory full of spoils; it was Xannirk’s first raid, barely beating a fellow male for the spot on the warband. They were running low on supplies, and being an orc raiding party they needed a great deal of supplies, Xannirk was in the midsts of veterans, howling and screaming to be let loose upon the village.

And all at once there was silence, in the next moments true chaos would be wrought upon the band. A single old wizard smelling the orcs arrival had taken a path to come around and flank the warband. Upon hearing the change in screams from defiant blood thirst, to chilling calls of death. Xannirk panic’d and ran, just as fast as he could into the woods and back to the encampment to warn of the disaster. This was his only duty and he clung to it like the halbred he had come to favor.

12 and out of breath, screaming about the leader to all who would hear.. Confused he ran, directly to the cleric, she upon seeing him started crying and quickly began packing things into a bag, thrusting it into his hand she spoke between sobs. “Run, Xannirk, they will kill you.” And with that and a shove he was out of the hovel he had called home for as long as he had known.

Running, so many things were running, he prayed to Cassiel that he would make it through the chaos that had so quickly erupted around him. That was when he spotted the wolf, a ways ahead through woods, eating, it heard him. The wolves ears turned, followed quickly by its blood covered maw.

Xannirk Cairn

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