Gerard Zeitnehmer


Average height at 5 foot 9 inches tall. Thin for his size at 140 pounds. Chin length straight brown hair, usually pulled back into a short ponytail. Brown eyes in a handsome face.


Gerard Zeitnehmer has been plagued his whole life by nightmares. These nightmares consist of time being twisted and spun in unnatural ways. As a child he practiced control on his nightmares through regimen and structure.

As a teenager he was lead into the magical arts attempting to gain knowledge over the world and found he had a bit of a talent for it.

He also found he had a talent for interacting with people and picked up languages quickly.

In his travels searching for arcane knowledge he found rumors of the Adeptus Chronalus. A group dedicated to time research and protection.

This has lead him to seek out the Adeptus Chronalus. Hopeing that finding this group of “time protectors” would help him understand his dreams.

His relief at finding the group and finally finding some help was offset by his disappointment in their lack of professionalism.

Since then he has worked tirelessly to understand time, and document how time works, as well as to bring more order to the Adeptus.

So far his initiatives at bringing efficiency to the Adeptus have not met with much success, but hopefully with more exposure to time rifts and additional knowledge his proposals will be better and be taken more seriously.

Gerard Zeitnehmer

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