Drigna CogSplitter

Rock Gnome - Rogue


Drigna is a Rock Gnome.

Drigna Stands is just over waist high to the average human. Black, law length wavy hair, frames a squarish face with a green eyes and a mouth that almost half a smirk.


He lived in a mixed gnome and dwarf community. His mother had died when he was about 10, so his father a jeweler and gemsmith raised him as best he could. When he could be found and put to work, he was.

In his younger days he was a ‘mine guide’, if you hear him say it. By his choice, he crept into the shafts of the early mines alone. He got caught a few times, but after one such time, he pointed out some gems others seem to miss, they assigned him to an old dwarf by the name of nickname of “FlameShaft”. The old dwarf taught him many of the things he knows, including dwarven. After he had explored all the mines and shafts in the area, he was getting bored, and was now into adult hood.

His love to explore got the better of him. He hopped onto a cavaran and went along as a “guard”. He found a cave one night about half way to their destination and forgot about the caravan. They left him behind after a few hour search. He shows up in that town a few months later a bit worn and thin, but happy.

Drigna CogSplitter

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