Paladin of Knowledge, disciple to Kasdum


As a cadet in the GENERIC ARMY regulars, Dreskin showed an usual skill and aptitude for martial combat and tactical strategies. His instructors considered his natural talent, and ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions uncanny, and clear indication of this recruits promising future in battle command despite his common birth.

While Dreskin gained notice from the instructors of the war academy, he also got the attention of his fellow cadets. A group of those cadets decided Dreskin was overstepping his bounds as common filth, and needed to be taught a lesson.

This group of cadets, lead by a young lower class noble Rikandu, recruited a young and beautiful maiden from a related family. They had this Maiden, Lashura, gain Dreskin’s affection in a mock courtship. For weeks they communicated by letter until Lashura, finally professed her love for Dreskin, and arranged a late night rendezvous at a near by abandoned smithy. Dreskin, hopelessly in love, went to met with his lady, only to find an ambush of his fellow class mates. After a short struggle, they had him in chains.

Rikandu had Dreskin’s sword arm lashed to the smithies anvil, and struck repeated blows to his hand and forearm with sword hits, boots, and hammers.. After thoroughly devastating placeholders arm, Rikandu brought Lashura into the room, and had her confess the whole plot, damaging Dreskin’s heart far worse then the physical damage to his arm. They then left Dreskin alone and still chained to the anvil, where he suffered in anguish for nearly 2 days before he was found by local children. His arm, while saved from amputation from the fervent efforts of the clerics guild, was forever crippled by Rikandu and Lashura’s treachery.

Dreskin, heartbroken and crippled spent the next several years living among the clerics that worked to save his arm, feeling an obligation to them for their efforts. Through his service to their cause, he learned the value of piety, and humiliation. No longer a young prodigy with a bright future, he turned to Kasdum, the god of knowledge, to forge his new future.

Through treachery, he learned the value of truth, and the folly of deceit. With that lens, he was able to see his his ultimate short coming, an utter lack of compassion. He had become arrogant, tactless, and brash in his dealings with his peers, some of those peers, clear betters in hindsight. Far from hating Rikandu, he became thankful for doing what nothing else could have, awakening him to himself.

Through this enlightenment, and with his new devotion to Kasdum, Dreskin began to train is left hand, to do what the right had always been so naturally talented at. Dreskin quickly found that a swords double edge became too dangerous a proposition to wield as a cripple. He turned to the mace, and found a kinship between his suborn off hand, and the stubbornness of the mace.

Dreskin also found through piety, devotion and servitude to Kasdum, strength seemed to be returning to his crippled arm. The stronger his conviction became, the stronger his arm grew. Soon, Dreskin had enough strength in his arm to wield a shield, and chose to use this new gift to reenter the warriors path, as a paladin in the service of Kasdum.


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