History of Tallenthale

Latest Ruler: King Ealahstan Wrenne (Kings 684 to 708)

Tallenthale was once a small village under the sovereignty of the Wrenne Family (Kings 527 to 708). Nestled in the Thale Highlands east of Graybrook its location in the hills made it an infrequent destination for travelers; though it was entirely self sustaining in its own right.

Made up of rolling hills used for raising goats and growing root vegetables the people of Tallenthale were mostly farmers. Several smiths and merchants made the place their home for building tools and trade routes, but no one tells tales of it. Known outside of the hills only for the ‘Festival of Songs’ there is very little to tell of the time before its destruction.

In the Age of Kings 710, the war took a great toll on the region. In finding that they were still loyal to their late king armies from Aelbyrg marched over the area and the village was entirely destroyed. King Evanstar’s armies were vast and ruthless and left none alive in their wake across the eastern plains.

The Festival of Songs

A festival lasting 14 days during the March of Snow. During this time music is played day and night in the town square to herald the coming of the days of the Second Sun. Many citizens give up their daily trade to share their harvest and prepare for the colder days ahead.


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