Divine magics rely on abilities bestowed upon the caster by the Divines and the Shallows. Mortals in strong favor of a deity may be chosen to be a hand of fate upon the surface of the realm. Granted a gift and provided direction through their teachings, visions, or direct communion via prayer these vessels walk a fragile line.

Remaining in strong favor is a requirement of maintaining one’s access to Divine magic. Angering or in some way opposing the desired future of a deity may result in a temporary or permanent loss of such power.

Holy symbols of one’s deity are often carried or imbued into their clothing, weapons, or armor. These symbols are to remind mortals of the direct connection between their fate and that of the Divines and Shallows. They also have been known to allow one to focus the power and energy granted them to improve their reach or influence.

Latent Energy

Arcane and Druidic magics employ ancient rituals and techniques to tap into the elemental energy imbued into the world during the creation of the realm. It is unknown whether the Shapers taught the mortals to use this energy or if the mortals harnessed it themselves.

Mortal understanding states the energy is mutable but may be finite. No one knows if the use of the energy will result in depleting the realm of a much needed resource, or if it will continue to renew for eternity. In the absence of the Shapers it is speculated that no new energy may become available without their aid. For this reason most forms of this magic employ a method of balance.

Balance can be achieved through the simple use of reagents and components that allow the caster to consume the energy from a very specific source. Focus tools such as a symbol, staff, wand, or book are often used to amplify the energy and allow for easier application to the desired outcome.

Nature magic is an almost lost art in present day Vallonde. The use of latent energy to distort life is uncharacteristic of most taught magics and for that reason one must find a very specific group or order to learn this trade. Rangers and Druids that embrace this type of magic are often taught a form of meditation that allows them to enter a Dream state.

This Dream state is said to give them a closer connection with the shapers latent energy, bridging the gap via the energy held by Batta, the Shaper of Dreams. This close connection may allow them to store their own forms of energy to be used at a later time. When in a Dream state the caster is as-if asleep in the primary plane, they are vulnerable and if awoken prematurely lose any benefit of time spent in the state.

Sorcery is a much more common art than that of a Druidic nature. Most of the schools of magic are taught at towers and guilds around the realm. There are limits to the available knowledge depending on the region, some rituals and techniques have been completely lost to time. Education of individuals is often reserved to those who show great potential. However, coin has been known to persuade the teachings to reach uncommon hands.


The school of magic known as Necromancy is a lost art among the primary plane. Knowledge of the concepts exist as whispers and rumors but there are none known to catalog or teach these techniques. It is unknown why these arts have been lost, if they ever did exist, or if they have always been wild tales.

As with Necromancy the concept of resurrection is whispered of but none are known to have come back from the dead. The Divines and Shallows do not possess the ability to grant the power to bring one back from the dead. While they may control fate and change the passage of time they focus forward and it is unknown whether they could mend the threads of fate to recant or alter one’s fate posthumously.


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