Creation of the Plane of Existence

A History of Vallonde

The realms were born of many elements where an absence once was. Elements were called to a point in space where they coalesced into a mass. As the mass grew and gathered more energy it began to become unstable, feeding upon everything around it. The unstable energies fused together into a charge of searing light which began to crack the mass and the resulting release of energy shattered it. The two largest fragments began attracting the light and fighting over the escaped energies. As more and more energies pierce the surface of the fragments they become molten in nature. Circling around each other as they continue to battle for energy. Pulling the remaining fragments with them in a hurling cyclone.

One of the larger masses being hurled around the now molten stars was one of the few chosen for shaping. Upon the surface of the world everything began to push and pull, being shaped by greater beings. As a final form was nearing several waves of elements were washed over the surface in a fantastic ritual of creation lasting thousands of years. During this time life was created, destroyed, and irreparably altered to meet the goals of these creators.

This realm became known by the mortal races as Vallonde; those beings who formed it as the Shapers.


History of the Creation of the Plane of Existence
History of The Hand – Shapers of the Plane
History of The Chamber and The Well – Divines and Shallows


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