Common Beliefs of Vallonde

Due to the nature of the world it is commonly understood that everyone is tied to what is known as the Chronosphere. Some will refute this fact, or the concept of its existence entirely. Its weight upon the world is often times open to interpretation from changes that occur. These changes are often categorized as being driven by particular Deities.

For this reason the people of Vallonde vie for favor of members of The Chamber and The Well hoping they will bestow a better future upon them. Favor is requested and bestowed in many ways; Individuals may pray, or build shrines and temples, give offerings or tribute, or amass strength or wealth, or any other way they see fit.

The mortal races generally believe that the Divines work towards the betterment of the realm, but they also understand their solutions can be conflicting. Due to the often times far reaching ideas of the Divines, it may be possible for one in favor to never receive any benefit in their mortal life. As a result some choose to seek favor from the Shallows who are more commonly known for more spontaneous decisions and changes to fate and fortune.

It is not uncommon for any individual to seek favor from more than one source. The Hand, The Chamber, and The Well are known for their impact of the world and all are generally respected. However the highest respect is usually bestowed upon The Hand. While it is known that the Shapers are no longer actively forming the realm many still take time to pay their respects.

An Example

A typical merchant family may hang a symbol of Exhor (Shaper of Knowledge) in their house. Being a merchant family they may visit a temple of Hamua (God of Civilization) weekly, and pray to Zielyr (Lady of Coins) every morning when they open shop.


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